Daily Archives: May 30, 2011

Give me until Wednesday to be effective.


On the plane, I read a page, fell asleep for an hour, thought about how I get attached to people and places too quickly, wondered about the couple next to me wearing matching lime green t-shirts, and had some ginger ale.

And now, home.  151 emails. 1000+ items in Google Reader.  Two friends in today’s NY Times Wedding Section. Mosquito bites. Awkward sunburn. Confusion. I have dirt still under my finger nails and I want it to stay there.


while I was gone…

People published some things that I wrote.

1. I’m super proud of this, because it’s the first piece of fiction that I’ve had published in a while, and I love it. Read it at Atticus Review. http://atticusreview.org/youll-never-get-anything-accomplished-on-an-empty-stomach/.

2. My essay about Jewish women and friendship is up at HBI: 614. http://www.brandeis.edu/hbi/614/article3a.html


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