Pieces from the past few weeks…

1. Two unfrosted strawberry PopTarts, three reruns of Old 90210, one hairy, obnoxious cat determined to sit on my keyboard, the first 4.30 sunset of the year.

2. Teriyaki chicken tea rolls at Fresh Side, where I used to go to grade papers when I was a TA in Jewish History. Those students could not spell “Israel” correctly, even though it was in the notes, the textbook and on the board every single day of the semester.

3. I found out recently that women weren’t allowed to run in the Boston Marathon until 1972. If that makes you mad, you might be a feminist. Sorry to break it to you.

4. As of today, there are fifteen days left of me being 31. I always feel weird about my birthday, but I will not be sad to see this age go. 32 seems like a nice number, and I am really grateful to not feel trapped by  deadlines like kids and marriage. In light of how trapped and crazy I’ve been feeling lately, I suppose my birthday leaves me no choice but to try and look at things differently. Although I am still spending the day on the couch watching crime drama. And also, dog walking.

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