“she likes her coffee the way she likes her kisses: hot, sweet and strong.”

lovely: “ideas are bulletproof.” being complimented on my Hebrew handwriting by an Israeli. struggle. “you keep leaving parts of yourself all over Israel.” crying over hatikvah every single time. turtles eating cucumbers with their turtle hands and turtle tongues. being in the sun. re: bumblebees: “are they fuzzy?”  “they are fuzzy.” loveat. giant orange cat in Ein Gedi. sunrise over Jerusalem. black shapes in the Negev that are us. “not the tank will win, but the human being.” Maale film school. surprise phone call from E. the smell just now in the Carmel shuk. an entire bus of 40 people dissolving into uncontrollable laughter. the way it feels when it’s really working. recognizing the woman who works in this cafe from when i came here every single day six months ago. her hair is short now. “this is not a normal winter day.”

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