the reading list


I am always, always behind in my Google reader, so today I decided to round up some of the things I’ve been meaning to read, actually reading them, and suggest that you might want to read them also. In a subversive manner, of course.

1. Two Ladies Ramble about Teen Mom 2 (The Hairpin)

As you know, I have a love/hate relationship with the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise. I’m always looking something new and refreshingly feminist to say about it, but coming up empty. I think Tess and Angela have done it: “Is Teen Mom a teaching tool about sexual responsibility, or is it another piece in the large maternal-industrial complex designed to remind us that as women, WE HAVE TO GIVE BIRTH, OR ELSE.”

2. On Her 77th Birthday, 7 Things I’ve Learned from Gloria Steinem (The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox)

Carolyn Heilbrun wrote a giant biography about Gloria Steinem that I’m working my way through delightedly. Shelby Knox lived with her for a little while and took care of her animals. These are some things she learned.

3. Why is the Gay Rights Movement is So Far Ahead of the Abortion Rights Movement? (Feministe)

This piece is super important. It examines the failures of the pro choice movement, namely that we don’t have pride in our work or demand justice. Read it now.

4. How to Steal Like an Artist and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me (Austin Kleon)

This has made its way around the internet, at least in creative circles. So much good advice.

5. The Boycott Debate: No Longer Taboo in Progressive Pro Israel Circles (Dissent)

I was at the J Street conference for the conversation on BDS (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions), and I felt nervous that I was somehow going to get converted into supporting it. I didn’t. This article is a good summary of the taboo, how it works, and its impact on progressive Jewish folks and the peace movement.


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