sluts and prudes: some reading material


Not to create a dichotomy here, but both of these words were in my Google Reader Feed today, so, here you are.

First, from TumblinFeminist:

“”Slut” is just another way of saying “worthless” without having to come up with a reason. Little girls get called sluts before they even know what sex is.

If someone calls you a slut, there’s nothing you can say to refute the claim because it never had any cognitive content anyway.”

(from “Sluts Like Me,”

And second, from the brain of Tracy Clark-Flory:

In Defense of Prudes:

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One thought on “sluts and prudes: some reading material

  1. Kyle says:

    This is one of my favorite pieces by this author. In it two manikins, one in a burqa and one in a bikini debate about how they feel bad for the other one’s self-image.

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