“I am writing and writing and writing even when I am not writing.” (Jami Attenberg)

Wednesday songs: My Door is Always Open, Noah and the Whale; Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes; Midnight Radio, Dar Williams; Generator ^ First Floor, Freelance Whales; Abigail, Coyote Grace; Rose for the Lady, Folded Light.

I’m obsessed with writing about road trips lately. Well, just one, and I have no idea where it begins, but it contains some vague notion of Utah:

On the way, we stop at a diner, and over coffee and French fries, he draws dragons on the thin paper placemats. The dragons have braces on their teeth and all wear mismatched socks. When he runs out of space on the placemats, he starts on the back of my hand, the ink seeping into the lines of my skin. This dragon has long eyelashes and a star on its cheek.

Also, there’s this:

For a little while, we’d send each other things in the mail: a monster finger puppet, a picture we took in the photo booth at the Ace Hotel, a candy necklace, a Trivial Pursuit card, a movie ticket stub, a bead, a pencil with shamrocks on it and a green eraser.

emek paintings 2

(Paintings for sale, Emek Refaim, Jerusalem, July 2010. Photo by me.)

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