“I love you so much it isn’t even funny.”


(Taken somewhere in Midtown on the East Side. Everything about her posture is adorable. Photo by me.)

Wednesday songs: Eternal Flame, the Bangles; Waiting for the Bus, Violent Femmes; Sweet Talk, the Killers; Zuma, Coyote Grace; Shadow Stabbing, Cake; Blacking Out the Friction; Death Cab for Cutie; Edit, Regina Specktor; Let it Rain, Tilly and the Wall; Cocoon, The Decemberists.

This weather is killing me-I’m incredibly sluggish and no amount of coffee seems to be able to wake me up, which is saying something. I keep dreaming about zombies and dancing, but not in the same dream. I have an article to write and a tremendous amount of pre-Mexico prep to do, but at least I found wasabi soy almonds. I’m still reading The Slide, by Kyle Beachy, which keeps being amazing.In spite of anxiety, I am trying to collect joy.

On the writing front, if I didn’t think baths were the most disgusting thing Gd ever created, I would want to take one with this story. Instead, I want to find a few hours before I leave to take a walk with it, and probably, during the walk, we’ll hold hands.

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