Songs: Going to Maryland, The Mountain Goats; Dance with Me, the Modern Lovers; The Way It Goes, Gillian Welch; The Golden Thread, Dar Williams; There Will Be No Divorce, The Mountain Goats.

The rain cannot make up its mind. Right now, it is bright and safe for wandering, but in a moment, clouds will rush in and squeeze themselves out.

I am worn out after my unsuccessful weekend, spent petting the cat and sleeping too much and feeling the weight of all I didn’t do. Writing sometimes is like getting over a fear of water-I cling to the edge for a while, until at some point, I summon the courage to push off and swim. I managed to overdose on NPR news, which I didn’t think was even possible, but when it’s all about how the economy is crashing and none of us will make it out of this alive, I reach the point of saturation. 

In front of the café, there is a sullen looking little boy riding a scooter. Tonight is Tisha B’av and this morning, I ate bacon.

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