Why “Humanism isn’t better than “Feminism”

Reblogged from tumblinfeminist:

Humanism as a whole does not recognize the uneven power binary that contributes to systematic oppression; acting as though the problems facing different classes of people on the oppressor/oppressed axes are somehow both equal in scope is dismissive and derailing.

I’m sure there are “humanists” out there who understand the way oppressive binaries work; however, the majority of people I see arguing for “humanism” seem to believe that there is no such thing as institutional oppression so we should focus on all classes, not just the privileged. “Why not humanism?” folks are almost always tantamount to “But what about the men?” folks – they want to erase the reality of female subjugation because it makes them uncomfortable.  Simply put, they don’t want women to have their own discursive space or narrative framework to think about their specific oppression.

Words matter. Erasing the names for the subjugation that happens to specific groups is minimizing and another microaggression – we’re not even allowed to speak framely or name the problem facing women, even that is somehow an assault on the status quo.


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