“somewhere along the spectacular stretch that is big sur, we lost our minds. and I mean that in the best way, the very best way.”

It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve written anything substantial here, I’ve been really busy with The Marriage Project, wrangling folks and creating press for it, along with other writing stuff and some freelance social media things.

I’ve been in Massachusetts much longer than I planned, but it is good.There’s a new farmer’s market and the café I used to go to is now larger and brighter and I’ve been there practically every day. When I first got to town in August, it was quiet, the coffee shops were full of endless sitting possibilities, you could have any parking spot you wanted. Now, there are students everywhere. On a walk yesterday, J and I saw about one million plastic blue cups and something that was likely once a high heel. In the rain last Friday night, there were throngs of people with umbrellas roaming the dark side streets, packing into bus stops, tripping along in puddles towards some party that was likely falsely billed as legendary.

I went to Boston, saw some lovely people, and took lots of pictures. I bought bracelets made out of recycled flip flops. I visited my friends and watched their precocious 4 year old swat at the high branches of a pear tree with a pear picker, which looks like a lacrosse stick, only scarier. Later, I made a pear/plum tart with what hit the ground.

I stay up late looking at design blogs. I sing dumb songs to the cat. Sometimes the thoughts I think are extra big, wide, wild, brave, the way they should be.I dream a lot that I’m in high school again, retaking all these classes because I didn’t think I did well enough the first time, but still, I manage to miss them. I read this blog called The Burning House and thinking about what I would take with me if my house was on fire (the answer today: journal, laptop, ipod, passport, scarf, medicine, sweater, long sleeved shirt, library card, memory drive, pens). Jami Attenberg wrote in her blog about being in a car accident and struggling to get her head above water afterwards. Her friend Kate emailed her, saying, “If you’re open and not afraid to take risks, and if you don’t live conventionally and want to live to the fullest, this shit just happens, bad and wonderful and crazy and everything else.”

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