“so we got in your car with our kickabout hearts and we hollered out ‘sweet clementine’” (the decemberists)



songs: the temptation of adam, josh ritter; foregone, the decemberists; the park, feist; big jet plane, angus and julia stone, wagon wheel, old crow medicine show; a record year for rainfall, the decemberists.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything in this blog that wasn’t about the Marriage Project, but my head feels a little clearer today, being on the Lower East Side in a new coffee shop, where lots of cute dogs march by the window. I want to eat some gd damn dumplings from Vanessa’s, even  if I have to wait in line, which I probably will.  (Jami Attenberg tweeted once that she wanted to go to the Fairway in Red Hook and buy some gd damn cheese. I find this charming.)

The ankle is sore, but not in a boot or a cast anymore, although I’m now afraid of crossing the street or walking down stairs. I could  my ankle would snap like a pretzel, the bone disintegrating into salty dust.

I have a pile of writing to do, and I feel fried by it all, except for the people running around in my head. They’re loud. I keep making doodles and  and  thinking about California. I want to do a million sketchbook pages  and read and take photos and drink a lot of coffee. And eat Brooklyn, as though I were a spoon.

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One thought on ““so we got in your car with our kickabout hearts and we hollered out ‘sweet clementine’” (the decemberists)

  1. Kyle says:

    List of reasons I love you: semicolons and correct use of the limited English Subjunctive. “were a spoon” You’re delightful.

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