leggings are not pants, but I have been kind of mean and also sexist.

I have not made any secret of my disapproval re: the situation in which women wear leggings as though they were a pair of pants. (I once wrote a “song” about it. The lyrics are:  Leggings are not pants/Leggings are not pants/Leggings are a lot of things/But they are not pants.) I have less rage if you’re wearing a shirt that covers your butt, and also if the leggings are black and not, say, flesh colored, but none of this is the point.

A while ago on the Facebook, I wrote something to the effect of “Apparently folks have not gotten the memo about leggings STILL NOT BEING PANTS.” Various people agreed with me that it was a scourge upon society and should be dealt with harshly. Then, a friend of mine added, “Seriously, what is with the body policing? Why can’t people wear what they want?”

Well, shit. That’s a good point. What is my problem, anyway? It’s not like I care about fashion, which is evident if you’ve ever seen me, you know, wearing clothes. If it weren’t enough that the whole situation wreaks of the cattiness that women are set up for since birth (judge each other, sabotage each other,  don’t pay attention to or even see  the fact that equality continues to be denied to you because of your vagina), I’m not even being honest about the root of my Leggings Feelings. Sometimes I am jealous of the very long legs clad in the leggings and that causes resentment. Yes, I could also wear leggings in the manner of pants in public, but not without serious anxiety and scheduling an extra therapy session. Otherwise, I don’t actually care if you’re wearing leggings and whether or not they fall under the category of Pants or Not Pants.

It’s also worth noting that there is not a chart like the one at the top of this post for clothing that dudes wear, which includes a piece at the bottom that says, “Are you a lingerie model? –> No –> Please put on some pants.” That’s the only way we get to wear clothes, ladies-if we look like lingerie models. If not? You may want to consider not leaving the house, if not everyone finds your body pleasing,  you don’t deserve to be outside.

There’s enough being done to make women feel bad about everything we do, let alone getting dressed. Let’s not encourage the bullshit. 



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2 thoughts on “leggings are not pants, but I have been kind of mean and also sexist.

  1. rosario says:

    Well whatever I am still wearing my leggings as pants the same as almost everbody does.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant!

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