my last hundred bucks: confusion, caffeine and hangry-ness.

The Billfold is a blog about money that I really enjoy. (Editors, I have so many horrifying stories about money, and I am willing to write all of them.) There’s a regular column  called “My Last Hundred Bucks,” in which folks talk about what they spent their most recent hundred dollars on. Here’s what happened to mine:

$29.45  red dress with  birds on it. I love everything about this sentence.

$10.26  lunch. This was a regrettable decision, made out of being hangry, which is what happens when you haven’t eaten to the point where you’re grouchy.  I am so bad at lunch that being hangry happens to me on a regular basis. (Sorry, co-workers.) What I should have done was eat something to take the edge off first so that I wasn’t behaving like a crazy loon and buying a sandwich that ended up being a) too expensive and b) not delicious. Hangry-ness: Don’t let it happen to you.

$2.50 iced coffee of dubious quality. I work in Midtown, so there are a million coffee carts, but for some reason I’ve been going to this kiosk for which I have a card that gets stamped. (I have eight such cards from various coffee shops in my wallet right now.) This iced coffee of dubious quality brings me one step closer to a free large latte of dubious quality.

$7.99 Netflix automatic payment.  I swear I’m cancelling it FOR REAL this time, because all the tv needs I have are now fulfilled by YouTube, my computer is getting old and weak and sometimes doesn’t want to participate, and the amount of stuff in my queue that I’ll never watch is long and causes me panic attacks. (That’s normal, right?)

$9.97  coffee and sandwich. Let me explain this sandwich. It was a grilled croissant with almond butter and blueberry jam that had actual blueberries in it and came with a salad on the side (?) Sometimes the salad and the almond butter and the jam got together, which was deliciously confusing. The coffee was fine. It came in a mason jar.

$27.17 manicure (x 2).  It was S’s birthday, so we went to brunch and then I got the first manicure of my life. (I know.) The salon smelled good and had a large assortment of trashy magazines, which both hurt my brain and delighted me. Also, I think I love manicures now? This place gave me a packet containing a sharp thing that I think you use to push down your cuticles? And a yellow buffer thing. Maybe this is for everyone, and maybe it’s the manicurist’s way of saying, “Don’t even think about coming back in here with nails like the ones you walked in with, lady.”

$11.87  face wipes, shampoo and batteries for my camera.

$3.10  iced coffee in Grand Central Station. Purchased in a malaise before a work retreat. I almost didn’t have time to get it. Everyone is safer because I did.

Total: $102.31



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