the round up

Some things to pay attention to:

No Papers, No Fear (@UndocuBus): UndocuBus is the culmination of actions by young, undocumented immigrants in the United States; a bus ride through states such as Texas, Arizona and Alabama, places with deeply racist immigration policies (like SB1070). The bus is a confrontation, a mobilization and a call to action.

Don’t Get Raped: The great Kate Harding is behind this tumblr that tackles the slightly problematic idea that women should just try harder to not get raped.

The Crisis ProjectKatie Stack  talked about her abortion on MTV’s “No Easy Decision” and is the brain behind the The Crisis Project, which investigates crisis pregnancy centers-you might have seen ads on public transportation for them-the ads often say something like “Pregnant? You have choices,” or similar. These centers market themselves as educating women about all their options, but in actuality, they’ll tell you about why you shouldn’t get an abortion (you’ll kill yourself, you’ll get breast cancer, no one will love you, etc). The Crisis Project documents visits to crisis pregnancy center and reveals some scary scariness.

The Everyday Sexism ProjectA collection of stories by actual women, about experiences with sexism that occur every day in the actual world. In case you wondered if sexism was still a thing.

Flyover Feminism:  FF is a much needed space for feminists “whose voices and viewpoints are typically left out of conversations and representations of mainstream feminism, who struggle to access resources and get their messages heard because they live outside of major media centers.”

Citizen Radio: I listen to this podcast every day on the subway and laugh awkwardly and people move away from me. Allison Kilkenny writes for the Nation and has done some of the most important and nuanced that has been written about Occupy movement, and Jamie Kilstein is a comedian and writer. Both Citizen Radio and Radio Dispatch (below) are independent outlets not supported by corporate media. Also, they have cats.

Radio Dispatch: I am not just writing this because Molly Knefel is following me on Twitter (You guys! Molly Knefel is following me on Twitter!)  Molly and John Knefel-brother and sister-are independent journalists with magnificent Iowa accents. They did some excellent coverage of the DNC recently. Listen to it.

RH Reality Check: Amanda Marcotte will tell you things about the current state of reproductive justice in the United States that will make you righteously indignant.

Making It with Riki Lindhome:  S and I went  (all the way!) to Philadelphia to see Garfunkel and Oates, hilarious and delightful ladies who sing about hand jobs (and other things). Riki Lindhome (Garfunkel)  interviews comedians, producers, actors and other entertainment folks about how they got to where they are now. I like her interviews with ladies the best.







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