a little greedy


I opened a drawer this afternoon at work and found the shirt I wore two Mondays ago before I fled on to Western Mass. I just wanted to wear a hoodie on that trip, and let my hair be wet and messy and and not care.

Reading Alyssa Shelasky’s blog, Apron Anxiety after I read the book (same title) in two days last week and went a little crazy, it’s so good. I love her sense of beauty and her guts.  It makes me want to go home to our enviable kitchen and make banana bread. Right now I’m looking at a sweet potato and a box of granola. I am not in top form.

Thinking about:  Wearing the blue sweatshirt that I cut the neck off of. The garlic chocolate chip cookie I ate on Sunday. My disturbing love for yellow legal pads. How the new Mountain Goats has been out for more than a day and I don’t own it yet. My sudden loyalty to skinny black pants. My advanced copy of Jami Attenberg‘s new book. I managed to somehow skip human things today, like eating and showering.  How I’d go about getting to  stay in someone’s full furnished LA apartment, alone. It’s warm and raining outside, which is awful.  I inexplicably want to catch a cold.  The purple carrot in the CSA. The basket of cherry tomatoes I ate, maybe the best ever. The crossword on the floor of J’s car that I never finished. The hug I had just now with B, when she said, “Don’t let go! Never let go!” like we were on a soap opera.


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