the round up

(Bathroom line at Starbucks, 8th Ave. Photo by me.) 

I have a piece at Role/Reboot about how we deal with misogyny and rape culture by perpetuating misogyny and rape culture. 

I interviewed Jami Attenberg, one of my fiction heroes, about her new book, The Middlesteins. (I tried to keep it together.)

Erika Davis wrote about living on food stamps at the Jew and the Carrot.

JOFA has a Tumblr! It’s based on Who Needs Feminism.

This is a super binder list of feminist texts by women of color.

The Rabbi’s Daughter is an 33 minute film made by Racheli Vasserman from the Ma’aleh School of Television, Film & the Arts.  (I have a mild obsession with Ma’aleh films.)  It’s a documentary about the daughters of three Israeli Orthodox rabbis who have left Orthodoxy. You can watch it here.

Read this piece at Truth Out re: 5 lies we tell about poverty.

Ann Friedman makes my heart swell.


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