the round up: extremely back logged edition


I freaked out and decided to purge all of my social media areas, which involved going back in time really far. So, proceed with caution.

Jen Doll’s essay cataloging..the weddings she’s been to. It’s lyrical and funny and gorgeous. With Jessica Valenti’s essay on the Huffington Post’s list of the The 25 Pieces That Should Be Required Reading For Women.

The aforementioned essay by Jessica Valenti: “The truth is that we don’t need everyone to like us, we need a few people to love us. Because what’s better than being roundly liked is being fully known—an impossibility both professionally and personally if you’re so busy being likable that you forget to be yourself.”

Various smart people (including the great Sarah Seltzer and Natasha Vargas-Cooper) weigh in on how to build a protest movement that gets things done. (Seltzer- “Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that nonviolent direct action aims to create a crisis, “It seeks to so dramatize the issue that it can no longer be ignored.”)

Bill Moyers! A slide show reflecting on where the Occupy movement is one year after the eviction of Zuccotti Park. (Spoiler: the answer is not ‘done occupying.’)

From TumblinFeminist. I thought about this piece the other night when I was walking with a friend on the street at night and some random dudes said hello to us.  Maybe they were just trying to be nice, but it made me really nervous. It actually made me a little angry. The nervous, icy feeling in my stomach started when I saw them walking towards us. Maybe they thought they were making us feel safe. It didn’t work.



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