put on your reading pants


(Happy Birthday, Audre Lorde!)


The Last Name Project: Folks discuss the decisions they make/might make about their last names re: marriage.

Ten Things to End Rape Culture: Truth-“Rape culture exists because we don’t believe it does.”

The High Price of Being Single in America – Lisa Arnold & Christina Campbell – The Atlantic: The team from Onely writes about the policies that make not being married a class issue.

17 Essays by Female Writers That Everyone Should Read:  Super excellent list, featuring Adrienne Rich, Annie Dillard and Jamaica Kincaid, among others. Put in your bookmarks and save it forever.

Changing The Subject: A Bottom-Up Account of Occupy Wall Street in New York City:  I actually haven’t read this yet, but when you do, tell me what you think, please.

Radical Rebbetzin Collective: A Tumblr created by partners of rabbis, partners of rabbinical students, and others identifying as rebbetzins/rebbetzers, “as a forum to share our thoughts about a changing world and our changing roles in it.”

The Real Significant Other: The Queer Politics of Singlehood: “I am supposed to want somebody (one body) in my life and began to mourn the fact that I don’t. This, to me, is a particularly queer condition.”


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