just be gentle, please.


untitled by Vika Bogorodskaya on Flickr.

(look here.)

I made a list of things to bring to the next residency: my running shoes, a power strip, coffee pods, dresses, a soap dish. Of course, it will be January in Vermont, so running will happen at my own risk, and dresses can only be worn with two pairs of tights, and even then, regretfully.

Tomorrow is the last day. Then Burlington for a few days, and then Brooklyn. I’m not sure how this is going to work. In workshop today, David Jauss said, “As writers, our primary allegiance should be to the imagination.” Outside of this place, people don’t understand. It’s not their fault, but it makes it harder for those of us who wake up in the morning thinking about how to arrange the day so we can make things. Proceed with caution, please. We are fragile creatures.


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One thought on “just be gentle, please.

  1. But how to “lean in” to our imaginations after we graduate? That is the question you will struggle with in two years’ time my dear.

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