and so


(downtown, montpelier. my photo)

At 4 am on Friday/Saturday, I made a pie chart, while we stood around in the humid dark, drinking and smoking and laughing and saying how weird everything is here. (Stay tuned for the pie chart.)

This morning, we watched a little kid in a bike helmet try to open the door of the toy store, which was locked. It was kind of sad, but it’s  not the worst thing that will ever happen to him. Unless it is.

J and J got on a bus to Boston and I went to the stationary store and bought some file folders so I can be organized, because, holy shit, I am in grad school now. Then I went to one of the bookstores and they were selling The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta for seven dollars, which I already own, but I put my hand on top of it before I walked away, just because.

Yesterday, people graduated, and then we stood around eating cocktail shrimp and cheese and fruit and I told B that I don’t like cupcakes. I took a nap and we went to town for dinner and then I went to the library, which was quiet and empty and I did forty five minutes of the kind of work that makes your brain feel like a cave and you want to live in it forever.



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One thought on “and so

  1. andreakbeltran says:

    I’m happy we’ve met. I love your blog. I look forward to your pie chart. I want there to be many more.

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