In case you’re only following white people/organizations on Twitter

…here’s a list that will help you stop doing that.

kaori.ikt spring light

Spring Light, kaori.ikt


Lauren Chief Elk ‏ @ChiefElk

ProfB ‏ @AntheaButler

Sister Outsider ‏ @FeministGriote

Renee Bracey Sherman ‏ @rbraceysherman

Poonam Dreyfus-Pai ‏ @poonam_pai

Spectra Speaks ‏ @spectraspeaks

Grace ‏ @graceishuman

Eesha Pandit ‏ @EeshaP

Young Women United ‏ @YwuWomen

stacia l. brown ‏ @slb79

tonya@CODE_RED ‏ @redforgender

:: xishell words :: ‏ @xishell

Brenda ‏ @BoricuaFeminist

Zerlina Maxwell ‏ @ZerlinaMaxwell

Andreana Clay ‏ @andreanaclay

Baratunde ‏ Verified account @baratunde

jamiaw ‏ @jamiaw

Nakia ‏ @KiaJD

Samhita Mukhopadhyay ‏ @TheSamhita

Ai-jen Poo ‏ @aijenpoo

Amadi ‏ @amaditalks

Jasmine Burnett ‏ @Blkfeminst

Rinku Sen ‏ @ARC_RinkuSen

Erika Davis ‏ @BlackGayJewish

Jose Antonio Vargas ‏ @joseiswriting

Audre Lorde Project ‏ @audrelorde

SharkFu ‏ @SharkFu

Genia Stevens ‏ @GeniaStevens


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