“I hope we’re all in crash position when we hit.” (the mountain goats)

untitled by nikolinelr on Flickr.

(Untitled, Nikolinelr on Flickr.)

I make a list and then throw it out and make another, not having finished the first.  I spent three days in Bay Ridge with a funny, chatty tuxedo cat. I bought a perfect peach from a bodega on the Lower East Side. I’m leaving lipstick marks all over the city.  I took a walk while I ate it and looked at graffiti and people with their dogs. I saw one of those small, bright shops that sells the macaroon cookies, and thought about the time T and I went to Venice Beach and split one, it was caramel, but it tasted bitter. We  went to a store that had tarot cards and incense and beads and things, and she spent fifty dollars on I don’t remember what.

It just becomes one am or three am, suddenly.  I want back into the sharp, deep corners of my brain.


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