music songs: sway, bic runga; failure, laura marling; acid tongue, jenny lewis; when I’m at your house, loudon wainwright; a quiet line, lucy wainwright roche/mary chapin carpenter; went to my woman; julia weldon

It was raining so hard a minute ago that they had to close the door that leads to the backyard of the coffee shop, where you can sit at the picnic table and see the sky and smell someone making hamburgers. Now it’s over, but it was thrilling while it lasted. I love rain. Rain is relief.

I am still mad at some people for things they did years ago. I feel okay about that. They’re probably mad about things I did. I don’t even believe in getting over everything.

Last night/early this morning, while spelunking the internet, I found the most beautiful hashtag there ever was. It’s so good that I’m keeping it all to myself and not even telling you about it.


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