This morning I threw out a pair of shorts I made from a pair of jeans after I cut them too short with an X-acto knife. Later tonight, I’m throwing away a blue cardigan I’ve been wearing forever, even though when I first got it, I ripped the back left corner. Now, it’s torn and gaping at the top, and I can’t hold it together with a bobby pin anymore, so it has to go. So many things I love have holes in them, and I keep them anyway, but maybe I’m getting better at knowing when it’s time.

Yesterday I went  to town, and on the way down the hill, I found a box of free things, and in it were these small, glass, amber colored bowls that could hold a votive, or one pair of earrings. They might be for cupping, or they might be swimming pools for bugs, or for premature baby squirrels, for whom there is no hope.


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