a nice summation of the problems with “liberal” feminism.

“The problems with liberal feminism are ultimately the problems with liberalism. liberalism insists that people operate independent from not only each other but any sort of social influence or ramifications thereof

liberal feminism states that any decision made by a woman can be empowering without any sort of critical analysis of that decision. for instance, liberal feminism insists that it is advantageous for women to be in high positions of political power, but it does not acknowledge that in order to acquire and maintain said power, other women have to suffer. how can women truly be free if women are being employed to oppress other women?

liberal feminism engages in egalitarian practices insofar as they insist that we are all “equal” and the equality is something that women should seek. this equality, however, is a patriarchal model that requires violent power dynamics, rigid capitalism, and subordination. liberal feminism does not seek to dismantle the patriarchy but to work within it. it posits patriarchal structures as something that women should seek to control and partake in rather than something that is ultimately detrimental to all, such as government, capitalism, and the military.

liberal feminism is divisive. it positions the liberation of women to be the responsibility and the success of the ruling capitalist class. liberal feminism invokes white supremacy, heterosexism, cissexism, and ableism in order to achieve it’s goals. liberal feminism believes that the freedom of women comes from politicians and business owners, and that oppressed women can find liberation within the success of others. it makes liberation a privilege.

in essence, liberal feminism creates a sort of subpatriarchal hierarchy that puts the most privileged women at the top in order to maintain inequality among the less privileged women. it maintains a hegemony of women in which women oppress other women through means of patriarchal power. ”

(From here.)


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