keeping track

instant coffee, seltzer, rectangular yellow post -it notes, mileage with feet only, scrap paper, the vacationers (emma straub), overnight oats with maple syrup and dried cherries, citrus candle, laundry, photos here, nothing but black leggings, blundstones, ancient and beloved shirts, skullcap tincture, hibernation, no knead bread, cats – two black, one siamese, one tuxedo, one norwegian forest, you’re not much use to anyone (david shapiro), writing this new thing, crime drama and bravo like it’s my job, my bed as home office, the pale of settlement (margot singer), solar powered corgi, trying to give fewer fucks and deciding how to distribute the remaining fucks,  falling meaningfully after slipping on a patch of ice near the post office in Williamsburg, 1989, libraries, OST cafe, hair of inconsistent cleanliness, movies that may or may not hold up, trader joe’s unexpected cheddar, difficult mornings, slightly better afternoons, sincere wishes for perpetual night and winter.


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