Doreen St. Felix, from “Hands Up: A Roundtable on Police Brutality”

“I believe that omission is a political statement, and when I notice white feminists—which is not necessarily individual white women, but people who ascribe to mainstream feminism as opposed to intersectional feminism—not say anything about police brutality, it just recodifies structural and moral violence. There are so many things that I think we need to do in order to be abolitionist, but as white feminism sort of takes the mantle of mainstream liberal movement, if it’s not going to address and continue to capitalize on how white supremacy’s pathological desire to protect white women affects marginalized bodies in the carceral state—in this case we’re talking about black men, but we could also be talking about queer black and brown bodies—if that’s not going to be addressed and disavowed, the system will just continue to remorph.”

(Read it all at N+1)


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