About Chanel

Once, I was on a panel made up of English majors at my undergraduate alma mater. Our job was to tell the room of soon to be graduates  what we’d done with our BAs in English and not terrify them. Here are the results of my English major, with gerunds.

1. Contributing to the well being of various and assorted independent coffee shops in business by lingering for an absurd amount of time and continuing to order things.

2. Developing  a sound righteous indignation muscle.

3.  Editing.

4. Asking questions that are seldom, if ever, considered. (Some of these questions make people angry. That’s okay.)

5. Making pie charts about important social issues (also here, here and here)

6. Breaking my own heart, over and over, on top of a hill.

7. Wandering the streets of several cities whilst considering the lives of imaginary people.


(Reading a thing. )

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The Marriage Project 

2 thoughts on “About Chanel

  1. hello! I am a college student currently working with Janet Freedman as a research assistant for her book about Cyber Feminism. I read your article entitled “A Virtual Space of One’s Own” and think it is a great piece. I would love to get a chance to chat wih you and recieve some input for the book. my email address is susannah.feinstein@gmail.com and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. […] friend Chanel runs a blog called The Marriage Project where she investigates, “a decision that is deeply […]

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