The Best Things I Wrote in 2016 (According to Me)



My favorite pieces of 2016 are about a dead cat, boozy, rich Southerners, murder, having kids and wishing you hadn’t, objectionable chocolate spread, and more. (My best of 2015 is here.)

My recaps of Southern Charm: Previously.TV

The Cost of Funding an Abortion: The Billfold 

Nutella is Gross: Extra Crispy 

August (Over): Diverge

What Happens When an Israeli Woman Admits to Regretting Motherhood?: The Forward 

The Cost of Falling Apart: The Billfold 

What I Mean When I Say “Feminist Murder Podcast”: Ravishly 

In Which the Wanting Comes in Waves: The Billfold 




Move out from under the sun. Stay away from expensive dinners. Collect extension cords. Hang clothes on the line to dry outside, instead of letting them dangle indefinitely in the basement. Call the gas company when you smell something suspicious. The man on the phone who advises you not to touch anything electric and to evacuate the building is just doing his job. Push the peach slices down into the banana bread batter instead of letting them burn on the surface. Cover your coffee cup so that neither bugs nor dust can get in. Water the garden in the front yard, because the sun hits directly there the most. Before it gets dark, take the laundry off the line.


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