From “Your Dad is Still Your Dad: On Family and Alcoholism”

“…love and hate can exist in the same heart. And the people who made you will continue to be a part of who you are, but you can decide how.”

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the record

plastic squares full of cherry tomatoes. the real housewives, all of them. open windows, fences, rain. battleborn, claire vaye watkins. everything i never told you, celeste ng. coffee, weak, strong, cinnamon, almond. easthampton, massachusetts. grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches. ill mannered cats, hikes along the shoulders of roads. “and either I am too alone/or not alone enough/to make each moment holy” (franz wright). 136 pages later,  I dreamed I was giving birth for someone else, and then we all committed crimes together.

oh, shit. real, may horoscope. real.

“Sagittarius, how lucky it is to care about something enough for it to hurt you.”

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The Haberdashery – Easthampton, Ma

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The Haberdashery – Easthampton, Ma

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(the signs as nice words)

Sagittarius: vagrant, enigmatic, electric, astir, compelling.



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