“weird in a weird way”


incredibly STRONG, loyal and faithful, sticks to their beliefs, has a wide range of interests and talents, keeps trying even after things don’t work, knows how to move on and rebuild, frank and uncomplicated//hears what they want to hear, can steamroll others, doesn’t allow people to talk, weird in a weird way, takes things too far, doesn’t pick up on the feelings of others

“Blue*Ing: Work in Progress” (Heidi Reszies Lewis)

One of the best humans, the soon to be MFA’ed Heidi Reszies Lewis, has an installation at residency called “Blue*Ing: Work in Progress, a collection of cyanotypes & tankas.” I snuck into the Vault, the space where it’s living right now, and took some pictures. The whole thing is so rich and stunning, I feel badly for anyone who can’t see it with their own eyes. 











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(Lunar moth, discovered by Heidi)


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what we do here


(photo by Jamieson Bunn)

Doreen St. Felix, from “Hands Up: A Roundtable on Police Brutality”

“I believe that omission is a political statement, and when I notice white feminists—which is not necessarily individual white women, but people who ascribe to mainstream feminism as opposed to intersectional feminism—not say anything about police brutality, it just recodifies structural and moral violence. There are so many things that I think we need to do in order to be abolitionist, but as white feminism sort of takes the mantle of mainstream liberal movement, if it’s not going to address and continue to capitalize on how white supremacy’s pathological desire to protect white women affects marginalized bodies in the carceral state—in this case we’re talking about black men, but we could also be talking about queer black and brown bodies—if that’s not going to be addressed and disavowed, the system will just continue to remorph.”

(Read it all at N+1)


“The monsters turned out to be just trees.”



We put the fans away in an act of shortsighted optimism. The only mug I’m interested in drinking out of has eyes and a beak. At 3 am, I got obsessed with this model and her model boyfriend, who met on Instagram first and then in real life at a concert. They took a bunch of photographs together and then they broke up. I read somewhere that pickles are good for your mood, so I ate two, feeling bleakishly unprepared for nextness.

attractive ideas

“Maybe I’ll take up knitting or quilting or ritual sacrifices or something nice and solitary like that.”


enter city

Here is how I return to New York: With the oily forehead of a full day traveler. Hair of medium cleanliness. Anxious, with a sadness that resembles a scab.

Here is what I return to: A metal raindrop. One dollar pints of raspberries. Lemon water. A party where people wear onesies and drink punch from a heavy crystal bowl found at the Salvation Army and eat tacos with jicama and red beans and plantains, round almond crackers with brie, and play table tennis, without the table.


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